ART:CAST #60 by Marcus Worgull

A true artist always strives for new challenges to experience the unexpected, to master a different approach to the existing and to broaden one’s mind. Marcus Worgull did just that with his Torture the Artist’s anniversary art:cast that was meant to be an all ambient mix in the first place. In the end it turned out to be something else, something different, but still something that is 100% Marcus Worgull. It’s become a mix care- and skillfully compiled by one that knows his craft in and outside the world’s clubs, by one who always puts music first and hopes it has a relevance for his audience as it has for him. It’s Marcus’ honesty, his authenticity but also his skills as a DJ and producer that have made him a scene’s mainstay and favorite for almost two decades. Of course, releases like his ‘Love Song EP’, including the highly appreciated The Cure remake featuring Fink, his ‘Lenoix EP’ in collaboration with Peter Pardeike or his dub-influenced EP ‘Broad Horizons’ – all out on Innervisions – enhanced Marcus’ profile as a producer and introduced him to a global audience.

Torture the Artist: When we first spoke a while back you said that you’d love to do an ambient mix. What triggered you in the first place to choose this musical approach for the art:cast over a four to the floor mix for example?

Marcus Worgull: The reason for me to do an ambient mix was quite simple: I had never done one and now I know why I hadn’t. <laughs>

I did this bespoken ambient mix a couple of days ago, it was like ‘straight’ ambient music consisting out of just pad sounds, long, long, long layers and nearly no drums or rhythmic elements. When I listened to this mix yesterday again, I thought I would be really boring.

I also had in mind that there are (web-)radio stations, that provide us with ambient music around the clock, if we just feel like it. There are even some apps and software that generate this music in quite a good way. So what happened was that I recorded a new mix yesterday, which is more diverse, consisting of music from all over the world with its particular ‘up’ and ‘downs’. For me the mix feels more suitable like this. There still is a lot of ambient inside, but it’s an ‘ambience mix’, meaning more atmospheric than ambient, now.

Torture the Artist: Do you follow a certain goal/ aim when compiling a mix, e.g. do you have a start and ending in your head?

Marcus Worgull: The major aim – and maybe the only aim when doing a mix – is the attempt to show and play music that I like and feel and that I think is relevant in a way and that you might like too.

Torture the Artist: When or in which situation is your art:cast best listened to?

Marcus Worgull: Everyone that enjoys this mix will definitely find a fitting situation for it to listen to. I would suggest to give it a listen at night time.

Interview by Holger Breuer

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