INTERVIEW & ART:CAST #147 Boulderhead

With a good few releases under his belt on labels such as Gene On Earth’s The Sound Of Limo, Gestalt Records, The Sound Of Steam or Craigie Knowes Bristol-based artist Boulderhead has built quite a formidable discography since 2020.

ART:CAST #146 by Keisuke

It’s hard to pinpoint Keisuke’s style down to one genre as the London/Berlin-based artist fuses various sub-genres from electronic music like Minimal, House or Deep House.

INTERVIEW & ART:CAST #145 Crowd Control

Lyon House-ambassador and person-in-charge for heady House music with a positive note Simon Blondeau, who most of us know as under his artist moniker Crowd Control, has made a superb performance since launching his label Happiness Therapy in 2018.

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