ART:CAST #60 by Marcus Worgull

A true artist always strives for new challenges to experience the unexpected, to master a different approach to the existing and to broaden one's mind. Marcus Worgull did just that with his Torture the Artist's anniversary art:cast.

INTERVIEW Fred und Luna

Karlsruhe based musician Fred und Luna, alias Rainer Buchmüller, partly known as Sugar Ray Buckmiller and widely know under his Ariston Baton moniker, his literary self, has left a quite ‘krauty‘ impression with his creative output over the past year.

INTERVIEW Peter Pardeike

Cologne based DJ, live-act and producer Peter Pardeike scored 'big time' with his track 'Love Supreme' last year, which was released on Connaisseur Records. Almost one year later the original gets the 'transformation' from Fred Und Luna, Love over Entropy and Andre Hommen. Perfect timing for Torture the Artist to have a little chat with Peter about his hometown, subcultural preferences and much more.

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