ART:CAST #146 by Keisuke

It’s hard to pinpoint Keisuke’s style down to one genre as the London/Berlin-based artist fuses various sub-genres from electronic music like Minimal, House or Deep House.

INTERVIEW & ART:CAST #145 Crowd Control

Lyon House-ambassador and person-in-charge for heady House music with a positive note Simon Blondeau, who most of us know as under his artist moniker Crowd Control, has made a superb performance since launching his label Happiness Therapy in 2018.

ART:CAST #144 by Ketiov

Living in Madrid but originally from Poland it’s Voitek Taranczuk better known under his artist moniker Ketiov, which is Voitek backwards, and as part of Polish duo Catz ‘n Dogz.

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