TOP50 of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end the Torture the Artist team sat down together to compile the end of the year chart that represents, of course, a personal preferences and what the site and its members musically stand for. So here’s the top50 of 2019 heavilly discussed and carefully chosen.

ART:CAST #60 by Marcus Worgull

A true artist always strives for new challenges to experience the unexpected, to master a different approach to the existing and to broaden one's mind. Marcus Worgull did just that with his Torture the Artist's anniversary art:cast.


Marcus Worgull has been a constant in the electronic music scene for more than two decades. Despite only eight released EPs over a period of 16 years under his Worgull moniker the former Groove Attack record store owner has remained relevant and influential up to the present.

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