INTERVIEW & ART:CAST #136 Donotstealmyname

Canadian DJ and soon to be producer Donotstealmyname delivered an energetic and powerful set at this summer’s Picnic Electronik Montreal that was foremost the result of growing into the electronic music scene and breathing it for more than five years.


Hailing from Leipzig Janthe’s made her way into the electronic scene only a few years back but now belongs to a group of aspiring (female) artists and collectives, which advocate for a visibility of females and under-represented people within the scene and possibly becoming representatives for a more equal and fair approach and access to... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW Rotte & Ralf Köster

With the next release of Christian Rottler’s so called personal relationship project Rotte on Pudel Produkte, the label of Hamburg’s infamous cultural (nightlife) institution Pudel Club, run by Ralf Köster, Torture the Artist had the chance to chat to both key figures.


For the latest art:cast Torture the Artist welcomes Rotterdam-based Beyun, whose EP of beautifully crafted electronic goodness, the Spectral Calibration EP, is out on her own Vault Wax imprint.


Can Love Be Synth alias Katja Ruge and Frank Husemann finally made it to Torture the Artist's radio show absolutely on music at [sic]nal - finally because it was the third attempt to bring Frank and Katja into the sacred halls of the Übel & Gefährlich club.

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