EXCLUSIVE Laolu ‘Swango’ [Compost]

Every release is a statement of what he's capable to produce and it seems as if Geneva-resident Laolu is one of the rare artists putting quality over quantity as the few and well-chosen EPs or remixes represent as well as prove his maturity at an artistic level.

TOP50 of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end the Torture the Artist team sat down together to compile the end of the year chart that represents, of course, a personal preferences and what the site and its members musically stand for. So here’s the top50 of 2019 heavilly discussed and carefully chosen.

ART:CAST #74 by Santiago Garcia

He remained the talk of the town even when he released no single solo EP in 2019 but collaborations and remixes on TAU, Innervisions, MoBlack or Frau Blau only. Hence Valencia-based artist Santiago Garcia can look back at quite successful year as he managed to place his rare music on some of the scene's most... Continue Reading →

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