EXCLUSIVE Floyd Lavine & David Mayer ‘Sondela (Auntie Flo Remix Instrumental)’ [Connected]

In November 2018 Berliners Floyd Lavine and David Mayer pleased the crowds with their common track ‘Sondela’ featuring Xoliso on the vocals. Roughly six months later the strongly percussive influenced track gets the remix treatment from legendary UK producer Jimpster and London based Auntie Flo. The latter delivers two versions of his remix, namely one featuring Xoliso’s vocals and an instrumental. As the original version by Floyd and David, as pointed out in the beginning already, highly focuses on percussions, Auntie Flo concentrates on a more melodic and stripped down approach, reducing the elements of his remix work to a minimum and additionally introduces the listener to his highly appreciated kalimba sounds that add a relaxing tone and vibe to the track, which Auntie Flo’s manages to keep all the way. Hence its simplicity further added elements and soundscapes in the course of the track unfurl their meaning for the track’s overall context in a more catchy way. As a result Auntie Flo’s musical approach sounds like a ‘one take’ as it flows so naturally through your musical veins like the Thames through London to the sea.

Floyd Lavine & David Mayer’s ‘Sondela Remix EP‘ will be released on Connected on May 31st, 2019.

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