Copenhagen’s “Diamond in the Rough” has recently contributed to Innervisions’ Secret Weapons 12 compilation two weeks ago, released EPs on Sum Over Histories, Azzur, Scatcity and Exit Strategy, and remixed for Moblack, Rebirth and Azzur in 2019.

ART:CAST #77 by Glowal

After a strong – in every way – 2019 and releases on Innervisions, Exit Strategy, Sapiens, Diynamic or TAU, Italian duo Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini alias Glowal kick off the new decade a bit slower but not with less fiery.


It's unknown whether latest Exit Strategy contributor Nuiton was inspired by exquisite wines that are distributed under the Nuiton-Beaunoy label or not for his producer name.

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