It’s unknown whether latest Exit Strategy contributor Nuiton was inspired by exquisite wines that are distributed under the Nuiton-Beaunoy label or not for his producer name. What is known though is that the artist has again come up with two tracks that stand out prominently from other (current) productions that scene’s been swamped with. Making his Exit Strategy debut in his ‘Cherry Protocol EP’ in 2016 Nuiton has remained a constant attendand releasing his ‘Out Of Prism EP’ one year later and now contributed two tracks, ‘Kure’ and ‘Tuning With Fog’, for the label’s first various artist release ‘Shifting Pieces‘, while in 2015 Nuiton placed a three tracker ‘Simple Process’ on Innervisions. Shortly after his Exit Strategy release Nuiton, who enjoys standing in the fog, gives up bits of his shadowy-existence and spoke to Torture the Artist about his friendship with Dino Lenny, the beauty of making music and immediately buying new gear for your studio when you do not get ahead, but mostly it’s about an artist, who loves what he does and challenges himself with every release he puts out.

Torture the Artist: Hello Nuiton, tell us something about your day and what’s your morning thesis today?

Nuiton: Hello guys, good morning!! For the last two decades, my day has been less or more the same – making music, sounds, programming, and recording everything. My personal ‘morning thesis’ was coming out of the shower and trying to get a vision for the day and the track ‘Mornings Thesis’ 🙂 Coming out after a night at the Watergate in Berlin is where I realized one important thing. After a night in a club, its 7 am, the is night over, and the music is off. You will have a 93% chance of meeting someone who wants to talk to you for days and to share their life experiences. That night after Watergate, it happened yet again. When I was in the midst of another one of these conversations, the pleasure around the connection sparked the title ‘Morning Thesis’ and how I wanted to dedicate a track to these moments. Uhhh, finally I have to occasion to explain that title 😀

Torture the Artist: What’s the story behind your artist-moniker?

Nuiton: There isn’t a story behind it, but rather my need for freedom without prejudice.

It’s best to always try and produce better releases under the same label.

Torture the Artist: After two EPs on Exit Strategy in 2016 and 2018, you now return to the label with two tracks to be part of the various artist EP ‘Shifting Pieces’ alongside musical affiliates Enzo Elia and Francesco Chiocci. What’s a recurring ‘piece’ or trademark sound in your music that (possibly) has you musically return to the label over and over again?

Nuiton: I’m very honored to be on Exit Strategy and yes, I like the idea that when an artist finds a label who appreciates and believes in their sound, it’s best to always try and produce better releases under the same label (or at least give them priority). It’s not easy to find people who appreciate and understand your trip.

Torture the Artist: ‘Kure’, probably named after the Japanese city, with its raw almost unfinished vibe and the deep/dub (techno) chords, musically represents what the city stands for, namely the steel-industry, ship-building, and engineering, what was your intention to represent with the track?

Nuiton: It is pure casualness that the track is named ‘Kure’ – exactly like the Japanese city you mentioned. But, I do love Japan culture, everything there. Returning to the ‘Kure’ track, it’s a trip of minimal dub techno construction also with accoustic sounds and afro-voices, all distorted yet with a more industrial touch. Personally, I love mixing everything that is part of my background without any limits on genres. In a couple of weeks, I will release a track beatless done – mostly with a guitar and very emo-industrial.

I also like to shake my as* in the club.

Torture the Artist: Where does your preference for this so-called ‘industrial/techno-ish’, minimal yet groovy sound come from?

Nuiton: Dub dark techno, Ambient industrial, House and Balearic are all my favorite music genres since I collected wax by: Basic Channel, Future Sound Of London, Orb, John Cage, Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Letfield, Masters at Work, Armand Van Helden, Nathan Fake, and James Holden, Tom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Air and many more. They’re such different fields, but I also like to shake my as* in the club, so the mixing of the things comes so naturally.

Torture the Artist: ‘Tuning With Fog’ is the second track on ‘Shifting Pieces’ and emphasizes the melodical side of yours a bit more. With a rather mysterious track name, the same immediately suggests itself, what’s the ‘mysterious’ story behind this take of yours and where does the fog come from?

Nuiton: I love the fog! How it changes things and the city’s sound is something I really like. Especially the fact that it hides you a little bit, covers you up and personally gives me more intimacy and concentration. The track came from ten days of intense fog which helped me release a dark melodic track.

It is the ‘fog’ that hides and gives the freedom to be safe.

Torture the Artist: Speaking of the fog, only a few EPs see the light of day under your Nuiton moniker – besides the aforementioned releases you recently released a remix on Crosstown Rebels and an EP on Innervisions in 2015. What other projects are you involved with or are these few EPs owed to other circumstances like a busy everyday life etc. or do you just wish to remain under the safety of the ‘fog’, and if so, why?

Nuiton: Bravo, it is the ‘fog’ that hides and gives the freedom to be safe.

Torture the Artist: For your tracks ‘Brooklyn In Love’ and ‘Flashback’ you collaborated with Diel, and for your track ‘Nothing Against You’ with Dino Lenny, what’s an artist you have nothing against to work with in the future, and why?

Nuiton: We have known each other for a long time, thanks to music, we connected and have done a lot together. We often talk about life, work, and for me, Dino is a genius of music and words. So, of course, when I want to put a voice onto a track my first idea is him. We know each other so there isn’t much to explain since we have the same feeling on a lot of things. Just recently he asked me to remix his track ‘Doctor’ for Crosstown Rebels and of course, I was super happy and excited to make it. We are also recording new stuff these days to be released in 2020…rolling.

Torture the Artist: With quite some music under your belt, what’s a track that you would have liked to produce but haven’t?

Nuiton: Jaydee ‘Plastic Dreams‘, Âme ‘Rej‘ or Nathan Fake ‘The Sky Was Pink’, both the original and James Holden Remix. <smiles>

Torture the Artist: As an experienced artist and producer, do you have a certain routine with how you produce new music and have you caught yourself doing this and got mad or smiled at yourself?

Nuiton: Making music is the most beautiful thing, it’s my mission to always push myself into new experiences and territories while never be bored. The most frustrating part is the technical part where I loose a lot of time until the outcome is just how I want it.

Life is music and everything around music.

Torture the Artist: How do you maintain a clear head when things do not work out the way you wanted them to, and how do you deal with it personally as well as at a technical level?

Nuiton: It’s a discipline…music and the studio life, as an artist and a sound engineer is the why I’m on this planet. Life is music and everything around music, do you know something else??? To maintain a clear head is to experiment without barriers, listen to a lot of music in the car and at home, go around the world and see what works and is always good to immediately buy a new machine for the studio

Torture the Artist: Are you still in love with Brooklyn and who/ what else have you been falling in and out of love with since 2016?

Nuiton: Brooklyn was magic… and touched something in me. I prefer the big cities, the modernity, the cement, the traffic, millions of people around you to watch just for a second the eyes of another person you’ll never meet again in your life and I…100% hate the country-side life!!!! Tokyo and New York are my favorite cities where I find ideas and complicity… I have the syndrome of falling in love every 15-20 times daily, so since 2016, a lot has happened. <smiles>

Torture the Artist: As you’ve played your part in the music business for quite a while, do you feel more like an actual player on some kind of court, like a spectator, or a constant referee?

Nuiton: A spectator with always something to say….someone who likes to interrupt the scene……disturber is a definition I like. <smiles>

Torture the Artist: What was the last thing that deeply touched you?

Nuiton: The fact that I will soon be a father of my own label where I can expand the freedom.

Interview by Holger Breuer

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