ART:CAST #84 by Nandu

It’s become quiet about Copenhagen-based artist Rasmus Vincentz Jensen, who is known to most under his Nandu moniker, over the past weeks. It’s become quiet because Nandu, unlike many other artists, has not followed the path of releasing incredibely much music during the pandemic nor focused on live streams. Even though he – at first – felt like he’d have to do so or contribute something but finally chose a different approach, which the “Diamond in the Rough“ now wants to share. The artist, who’s had releases on Innervisions, Exit Strategy, Sum Over Histories or Scatcity in the past, pulls off an art:cast that totally deserves the word meaningful as it musically portrays the current episode in our lives, in Nandu’s life. “It does not make sense to release dance music in these times, so I put a lot of effort into this mix“, so Nandu’s mix concentrates on putting music together that is not meant to be heard on the dance floor, that does not make the sweat drop from the ceiling of a club, that does not support a collective dance experience. Nandu’s mix breaks open pop structures in the most delicate way and puts this effort in an electronic music context. Therefore he combined several unreleased takes from his side with music from affiliates like Radeckt, Ivory, Skatman, Murat Uncuoglu, Emily Simbi or Tienezo to come up with a listening experience that gives people a break from what’s happening around them and spreads positivity – all the way from Copenhagen to the world.

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