fivefourtwentytwentyone – PART IV: tenninetyonefourtwentytwenty

The fourth part of Torture the Artist’s 5th anniversary compilation ‘fivefourtwentytwentyone‘ comes with tracks/ edits from Enzo Elia, Ivory, OoU and Marc Wolf and are summed up under the code ‘tenninteyonefourtwentytwenty‘, meaning 10 days in 2020. Known for releases on Kompakt, Exit Strategy, Compost, Engrave Ltd or Freerange Enzo Elia contributes ‘AE 180’S’ to the compilation, or in other words the Berlin-freigeist with Italian roots delivers a take that combines rhythm and chords skilfully in a club-oriented – excuse me – dance floor banger. In good company it’s Ivory who introduces the audience to his second track of the compilation that goes by the name of ‘Underwater’, but should not get lost under the radar. Icey chords and lush bass line characterize this piece of work from the Milan-based artist that keeps rolling, rolling, rolling until the epic break, followed by more icey chords and the forceful bass. Angelo Musumeci and Pavi are newly founded duo OoU, short for Out of Universe, who deliver ‘Themis’ or in other words, the duo releases their first track ever. The disco-ish cut captivates due to it’s memorable and catchy chords as it continues to soak the listener into its vibe that is emphasized with sparse vocals and a stomping bass line. Lastly it’s Marc Wolf, who not only closes part IV but also the compilation with his first original track ever, namely ‘Intimacy’. The Kieler created an emotional mental track that drips into your mind like rain from the sky. At first it’s a pleasant lapping but ‘Intimacy’ unfolds its apocalyptical musical shower in the course of time and guarantees watering salvation.

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Part IV: tenninetyonefourtwentytwenty – January 10th, 2020
The Riddle Track – January 12th, 2020

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