EXCLUSIVE WATWFTCTKI ‘Out Of Doubt (Nandu Early Morning Dub Mix)’ [AZZUR]

From Copenhagen to Copenhagen to the floor. Danish prodigy Nandu took on duties to re-visit Danish Indie-band WATWFTCTKI‘s track ‘Out Of Doubt’ and – without a doubt – came up with another charming dance floor weapon. ‘Another’ because Rasmus, Nandu’s real name, has been production-wise on fire and recently dropped EPs on Berlin based labels Exit Strategy and Scatcity. Now the Copenhagener returns to his French-homebase AZZUR, where he last released his ‘Simple Chaos’ EP in April. His rework of ‘Out Of Doubt’ unifies the artist’s proclivity for Indie/Disco-ish influenced and profound music which he makes dance floor-compatible by re-arranging the original take in a nearly majestical manner. The lush bass line is accompanied by various synth-sounds having its origin in the aforementioned Indie scene just that Nandu embraces them and puts them together in his own way to create a musical hybrid that can ultimately take control over any auditory meatus.

Nandu’s Mixes for WATWFTCTKI’s ‘Out Of Doubt‘ will be released on AZZUR on October 11th, 2019.