EXCLUSIVE Nuiton ‘Kure’ [Exit Strategy]

With two releases on Exit Strategy, namely ‘Cherry Protocol’ and ‘Out Of Prism’, Nuiton has already left his mark in the (melodic) electronic music scene. Now the producer returns to the Berlin-based label to contribute two tracks to its first various artist EP, ‘Shifting Pieces’ – as the artist himself musically shifts from raw minimalistic and dub-techno influenced music and spreads a sense of ‘Burialism’ with his ‘Kure’ take, which is named after the eponymous Japanese city that is known for engineering, its steel-industry and ship building, so basically everything that ‘Kure’ covers in a musical way. A hammering bass line, straight out of a steel-forge, is the backbone of this massively minimalistic held track that is enriched with deep dub-chords and haunting vocals adding a mystically dark vibe that is supported by those little floating background sounds. Rarely or almost never before have such exquisitely arranged elements had such a huge effect on an outcome, which can be simply called ‘the melodic steel-hammer’ hitting its way through the floor.

Shifting Pieces‘ will be released on Exit Strategy on November 15th, 2019.

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