fivefourtwentytwentyone – PART II: fourtwotwentytwenty

The second part of Torture the Artist’s 5th anniversary compilation ‘fivefourtwentytwenty‘ comes with tracks/ edits from Amplitudes, Daniel Bortz, Valiete and Santiago Garcia and are summed up under the code ‘fourtwotwentytwenty‘, meaning 4 days until 2020. Augsburg iconic artist Daniel Bortz, known for his releases on Permanent Vacation, TAU, Pastamusik or Exit Strategy, probably delivers the most timeless take of the compilation, namely ‘Take My Hand’. And it does not get any deeper than that – a classic bass line, paradisiac chords and a vocal that takes the listener (back) to sweaty underground clubs of NY in the 90s. ‘Take My Hand’ is followed by Amplitudes’ ‘Cognitive Shift’, the first track of the duo, consisting of Philipp Harms and Marc Wolf, ever. Just like Bortz Amplitudes follow a stringent deep sound scheme but turn their approach into a rather mental on-going jam that uses warm deep chords to shortly break with the melancholia before coming back to it their initially introduced idea. Noveau Frankfurter Valiete takes on one of the tracks of 2019, more precisely Valiete reworks Billie Eilish’s track ‘Bad Guy’ into a rave monster with a dub/techno touch that smoothly balances the amount of hard-hitting whipping hi-hats and a catchy chord and vocal. Lastly it’s Santiago Garcia who got his hands on Âme’s ‘Give Me Your Ghost’ and delivers the anthem of the compilation. A mellow melodically construct combined with Jens Kuross’ vocals divided into three acts almost resembles the build-up of a classical drama with Santiago being the author of this outstanding play that is now ready to be presented to the world.

Part I: eleventwotwentytwenty – December 20th, 2019
Part II: fourtwotwentytwenty – December 27th, 2019
Part III: threeninetyonefourtwentytwenty – January 3rd, 2020
Part IV: tenninetyonefourtwentytwenty – January 10th, 2020
The Riddle Track – January 12th, 2020

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