EXCLUSIVE Glowal ‘Parallel People’ [TAU]

Italian duo Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini better known under their Glowal alias have had a tremendous year and it’s not over yet. 2019 had only been a few weeks in and the scene already made a decision: ‘Cries’, released on Innervisions’ Secret Weapons Part 11, would become one of the most anticipated tracks of the year. Unfortunately the decision had been made before Fabio and Alessandro released their three tracker ‘Revolver’ on Berlin label Exit Strategy. With each track receiving support from multiple artists it was difficult to select a common favorite as all of them got under one’s skin. ‘Revolver’ was followed by Glowal’s EP ‘Roda’, for which the duo teamed up with vocalist Chris Batten, on Agoria’s label Sapiens. Roughly two months ago Glowal’s and Adana Twins’ collaboration ‘My Computer’ came out on Diynamic, again the track had been highly anticipated and gained the scene’s support. With their latest EP ‘A.I. Talk’ on TAU Alessandro and Fabio make their debut on the Adana Twins run label and provide a four tracker in for the duo’s typical flamboyant way. ‘Parallel People’, the third track from the EP, certainly is no exception. In a noir-esque manner the spoken vocals represent the most striking element to tell a story throughout the track and is guided by a dark yet simply kept instrumental that utterly fulfills its task to create those ‘Sin City’-moments.

Glowal’s EP ‘A.I. Talk‘ will be released on TAU on October 25th, 2019.

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