ART:CAST #90 by Roman Flügel

Whatever it may be that one looks up when it comes to electronic music, wherever one may search to gather information about the worldwide music phenomenon called Techno, you will come across the name Roman Flügel at some point.

ART:CAST #58 & INTERVIEW Ricardo Tobar

It's the authenticity and the reflected way to express himself as well as he perceives himself as a person, an artist and also how he observes his surrounding that make you want to find out more about Ricardo Tobar.

INTERVIEW Roman Flügel

Whatever 'theme' he focuses on, it turns to something profound. German producer and New-Berliner Roman Flügel's vita not only reads well, it reads like the history of electronic music.


Raphael Ripperton just released his third album called 'Sight Seeing' on ESP Institute. Therefore the Swizz DJ and producer chose a different approach in terms of music and came up with a rather laid back sound.

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