EXCLUSIVE Ricardo Tobar ‘Our Violence’ [MUSAR]

After a short break MUSAR is back with another EP from label mainstay Ricardo Tobar, who delivers his altogether 4th EP for the Dutch imprint called Our Violence. The Chilean sound wizard proves once again that he’s on top of his game delivering four cuts that are aesthetically, emotionally and, of course, musically well-engineered. The EP’s title track, Our Violence, certainly is no exception to the beforementioned as it is rather the starting point of Tobar’s version of Delusions, Confusions just at a whole new and musical level. Like a fountain Tobar sprinkles those sounds, those vocal-snippets over the course of the 7:25 minute lasting title track – a raw, almost unfinished sounding composition that fuses House-elements with (trancey) pads without crossing the line too much to be fully categorized as either one of the genres. This however evokes the magic as Our Violence only partly gives itself to one of the musical directions.

Ricardo Tobar’s EP Our Violence will be released on MUSAR on September 17th, 2021.

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