ART:CAST #90 by Roman Flügel

Whatever it may be that one looks up when it comes to electronic music, wherever one may search to gather information about the worldwide music phenomenon called Techno, you will come across the name Roman Flügel at some point. The former Frankfurt resident and now Berliner by choice has traveled the world to spread his approach of electronic music, music that in the course of the years has been released on either one of his co-founded or influental imprints like Ongaku Music, Klang Elektronik and Playhouse, or saw the light of day on renowned international output platforms like ESP Institute, Mule Musiq, Hivern Discs, Dial, Correspondant or Live At Robert Johnson. And after more than two decades playing an active part in the scene or being a driving force of certain movements within, Roman Flügel has managed to stay on top of his game – most likely because he does not perceive it as such. Always reinventing, always curious, always on the look-out to combine new and old, always balacing the music and himself out to find the right approach to conquer new frontiers, always creating the unpredictable or moments in music with a whiff of experimental and abstract wefts. Roman’s contribution to the art:cast series, namely episode #90, seizes the initially mentioned approach of his music and sees the artist putting together a two-hour lasting journey through former influences. While the first hour or first 60 minutes are a “homage to Jay Denham and his Black Nation label – records that came out in the second part of the 90’s and combine the Funk and ruthlessness that is still a pillar and of high significance for a good Techno track“, according to Flügel, the second hour is dedicated to more calm and abstract sounds and marks a counterpart to the first hour. “Those two poles have provided the framework“ for Roman’s creativity up till now and will surely be an inspiration for many up- and coming artists out there.

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