fivefourtwentytwentyone – PART 1: eleventotwentytwenty

The first part of Torture the Artist’s 5th anniversary compilation ‘fivefourtwentytwenty‘ comes with tracks/ edits from Ditian, Avidus, Imperiéux and Ivory which are summed up under the code ‘eleventwotwentytwenty‘, meaning 11 days until 2020. Ditian’s track ‘Cluster’ convinces due its groovey and lush bass line, which is enriched with a warm and catchy synth-line that is predestined to either kick off or to add musicality to a set. Northern Germany based artist duo Avidus, namely Marc Wolf and Fritz Wagner, reworked on of the biggest tracks of 2019, Billie Eilish’s ‘Bury A Friend’ and deliver a dark approach that is without equal as it takes the original to another level. Almost majestically Avidus’ take combines Billie’s emo-touch with a house-impact to come up with an edit that basically has it all without showing it off. The third track of ‘eleventwotwentytwenty‘ comes from Milan-based artist and longtime Torture the Artist affiliate Ivory, who contributes a emotional roller coaster with his trademark trancey synth pads provided track called ‘Solar’. Again Ivory shows that and why he’s on top of the game when it comes to create melodies. Lastly it’s Impérieux, who closes the first part, as he took on Ibeyi’s tune ‘Oya’ and turned the original into a continuous darkly twisted mental masterpiece, whose vocals are as catchy as the artist’s sound arrangement and selection.

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