EXCLUSIVE Tokyo Black Star ‘Blade Dancer (Original Unreleased Version)’ [World Famous]

When Âme and Dixon founded Innervisions back in 2005 the first EP to be released on the label was Tokyo Black Star‘s Psyche Dance, which included a beatless version as well as a Dixon edit of the track Blade Dancer. More than a decade later the orginal version of the track, which was reworked by Toyko Black Star in 2015, sees the light of day on Alex from Tokyo‘s label World Infamous and marks the 6th release. Blade Dancer has not lost any of its original spirit as it probably had marked the beginning of the Melodic House-genre before it got its name. Intriguing partly repetitive (piano) chords set the tone of the track and are modified to arpeggio-sounding sequences in shorter intervals. This procedure, the arrangement of faster following and various sound-arrays create an infective sound experience, which is even enhanced by adding rudiments of arcade game sounds that lead to an explosive blend and even turn the 2015 version of Blade Dancer to an instant classic, which should be mentioned in all books.

Tokyo Black Star’s EP Blade Dancer was released on World Famous on March 13th, 2020.

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