ART:CAST SPECIAL by Mathias Schober

Lossless co-founder and passionate music as well as tech enthusiast Mathias Schober mixed and compiled the latest art:cast and comes along with what can yet be described as a very authentic piece of the arts. The Berliner, who will release his new The Fall EP shortly, slides through different sounds and musical approaches still remains true to one, his style and delivers a set that’s worthy the name classy, if not to say classic. Mathias simply balances the amount of deepness, club vibes and headphone listening experience so smoothly that it feels like riding a (sound)wave forever giving the listener the chance to breathe before picking up a new wave that brings one closer to the beach if so it feels like riding towards the horizon or the point when the blue sky meets the blue sea.


  1. Blancmange ‘Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remix)’
  2. C.A.R. ‘Pressure Drop (Suzanne Kraft Remix)’
  3. Le Jeune Flück ‘Lies and Deception’
  4. ZOA ‘Strictly Just At Night’
  5. DACO ‘The Uprise (Galáctica Mix)’
  6. Sascha Funke ‘The Swarm’
  7. SBTH feat. Flowers And Sea Creatures ‘Dagito’
  8. Fairmont ‘Strothers’
  9. Max Jones ‘Poche’
  10. Butch & C.Vogt ‘Vogue (Jimpster Remix)’
  11. Kapote ‘Jaas Func Haus (Sworn Virgins Remix)’
  12. Prospa ‘Corrosion’
  13. Love over Entropy ‘Antipode I (My Discotom is bigger than yours)’
  14. Sebjak & Fahlberg ‘4Ever She May Live (DJ Koze Edit)’

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