ART:CAST #74 by Santiago Garcia

He remained the talk of the town even when he released no single solo EP in 2019 but collaborations and remixes on TAU, Innervisions, MoBlack or Frau Blau only. Hence Valencia-based artist Santiago Garcia can look back at quite successful year as he managed to place his rare music on some of the scene’s most aspiring or renowned labels and, artist-wise, toured through clubs all around the globe. The throne claimant has become a prince, his productions transformed to saintly sounding erosions that can either tear down or emotionaly touch any dance floor’s audience and Santiago Garcia has just got started. His art:cast for Torture the Artist, #74 in the series, depicts, even sums up the various (club) impressions the artist has gathered over the past months while touring. Garcia takes his audience musically all over the place yet stays true to one, or rather his style and remains authentic all the way.

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