EXCLUSIVE Laolu ‘Swango’ [Compost]

Every release is a statement of what he’s capable to produce and it seems as if Geneva-resident Laolu is one of the rare artists putting quality over quantity as the few and well-chosen EPs or remixes represent as well as prove his maturity at an artistic level. Laolu’s latest coup is his Force EP on Munich based label Compost, which holds the long anticipated remix from Laolu for Swiss vocalist Sophie Hunger’s track There Is Still Pain Left as a vinyl exclusive and two original tracks, Force and Swango. The latter’s simply showing the artist’s class when it comes to sophisticated productions. Swango is build up and built around layer after layer, it’s initially introduced percussive driven bass line sets the vibe for the subsequently added first array of chords which are followed by a second sound sequence in a different octave but the same pitch and create a multi-layered harmonic composition. However, stylistically Laolu remains true to himself as Swango contains elements from his eclectic musical background, which are majestically put together to obtain a complex organic track.

Laolu’s Force EP will be releases on Compost Records on February 28th, 2020.

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