EXCLUSIVE Joshua James ‘Marlene (Deetron Remix)’ [Phantasy Sound]

Swiss electronic music ambassador Deetron takes on remix duties for Marlene, Joshua James‘ third installment on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound after releasing Coarse and Journeys In Love last year. Valued and infamous for deeper shades of electronic music respectively House music Deetron’s approach to Marlene directly winds into this direction. Provided with a shuffling bass line, multi-tonal chords and repeateded vocals the artists sets the basis for an intriguing remix, which unfolds a deep-housey character as soon as Deetron decides to give the second set of chords nearly half way in the track the space to make it turn from club to lounge to then return to the initial loop and rave throughout the end. Deetron skilfully unites different states of a (club)night in one take and proves his advanced musical thinking in this piece.

Joshua James EP Marlene will be released on Phantasy Sound on February 28th, 2020.

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