EXCLUSIVE Kevin Di Serna ‘Ave Del Paraìso’ [Exit Strategy]

Argentinian artist Kevin Di Serna makes his debut on Berlin based label Exit Strategy with his EP ‘The Path’. The three tracker is the corollary after having released several EPs and tracks over the past months on labels such as Endless, Shanti Radio Moscow and Innervisions. For the latter he contributed the track ‘Amapola’, causing quite a stir within the scene and being a Dixon favorite, but this applies for his upcoming EP ‘The Path’ on Exit Strategy too. Torture the Artist’s exclusive from the EP ‘Ave Del Paraìso’ attracts the listener due to its delicacy of feeling; the charming chimes in combination with a pure synth tone evoke a pleasing and comfortable atmosphere due to the fact that Kevin alternating makes use of either one of the sound passages and consequently avoids a musical overload but creates a harmonical composition.

Kevin Di Serna’s EP ‘The Path‘ will be released on Exit Strategy on May 17th, 2019.

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