With releases on Innervisions, Watergate, Aeon or Upon You Kadosh has attracted quite some attention within the electronic music scene over the past months, especially outside of his hometown Tel Aviv, where he is a nightlife regular and plays all of the city’s renowned clubs like The Block, Forum or Beit Maariv. The latter serves as the playground for Kadosh’s art:cast special since the artist recorded two hours of his three hour lasting set at the club on Thursday, May 9th, 2019, when he kicked-off the Israeli weekend, which starts – according to the artist – on Thursdays together with Chaim. As usually when Kadosh plays at Beit Maariv the Frau Blau label-head enjoys the warmth of the crowd and the vibe that is associated with it. So for sure the artists describes the memories of that night in the following way: ‘Everything connected perfectly and I just wanted to play more and more. It felt like the audience really digged and understood the story that I wanted to tell.’ Bearing this in mind, you can now either relive Kadosh’s set at Beit Maariv or experience the artist’s musical journey at the club for the first time. Either way these two hours will prepare you for the weekend, which might start on a Thursday in Tel Aviv but on a Wednesday at Torture the Artist.

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