ART:CAST #52 by Nandu

When firstly introduced to Nandu the talented Copenhagen producer could’ve simply described as a rough diamond – that was back in late 2014/15. Round about four years later Rasmus, Nandu’s real name, sharpened his profile as an artist as well as his productions and has released on renowned and ambitious labels such as Connected, AZZUR, MoBlack or SOLIDE, just to name a few. With more than a handful of tracks that have made it into the sets of Innervisions artists the Copenhagener has even drawn more attention to his musical output, which goes hand in hand with the quality of pieces Nandu has delivered. As a resident of well-known nightclub Culture Box, located in the heart of his hometown, the Danish has found a balance of combining club-oriented elements with those that can be ascribed to proper studio producers, therefore a Nandu track ordinarily works at many occcasions. His art:cast depicts the artist’s musical variety without sounding arbitrary, Nandu switches moods and tempo but remains true to his eclectic style, easily ties the listener to his groove and delivers a musical approach that could work at any place at any time without feeling misplaced. If Nandu was a rough diamond back then, he’s a cut one now.

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