EXCLUSIVE Mental Overdrive ‘Mbira-Kalimba (Charlotte Bendiks & Boska Remix)’ [MUSAR]

Tromsø producers Charlotte Bendiks and Boska both known for releases on Hivern Discs or Studio Barnhus take on remix duties for Mental Overdrive’s ‘Mbira-Kalimba’ – for a good reason as Charlotte has supported the original version from the start. Bendiks’ and Boska’s remix approach mainly focuses on the hypnotic core of the track and gives the percussive and organic elements more room to unfold their warmths. Therefore the duo stripped down the bass line and made it sound more hollow, which depicts a contrast to the catchy and heartwarming mbira and kalimba sounds. The result is a harmonic piece of music that ties the listener forever in its endless loop without having the slightest urge of getting out.

Mental Overdrive‘s ‘DARTRAX EP‘ will be released on MUSAR February 15th, 2019.

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