REVIEW Impérieux ‘Mehmed EP’ [Sum Over Histories]

Although Sum Over Histories fans have had to wait almost a full year since their last release, the label, run by Frankey & Sandrino, are back, this time with a two tracker by producer and DJ Impérieux whose penchant for the emotion filled and rhythmic track is clear. ‘Mehmed’ has already spoken to many on the dance floor and as of last Friday the whole EP can be added to record boxes across the world.

A strong and sturdy beat starts us off, both keeping time and attention because a rhythm with that much attitude must be the backbone of ‘Mehmed’. Arpeggiated tones glisten in background, adding depth and texture to this stripped down prelude, and the track trudges forward. An elongated breakdown stretches time and anticipation until a robust and unforgettable bass tone enters and disperses like dye in water; once immobilized and contained but soon to reach every edge and corner. Just moments before the breakdown a trembling, repeating synth lines wobbles in the highest range as a complimentary lower register melodic line flits between pitches until it takes a nose dive into arguably the most memorable part of the track. All elements re-enter just as they’d exited, only this time with slightly more conviction and with seemingly fuller and more grandiose chords. This track seems to have many faces, moods and melodic lines fit for any audience willing to embark on the journey.

The following track ‘Inat’ is more stripped down but just as creative. It begins with a thick background of sound that includes a crisp drum beat, heavily distorted vocals and seemingly random and eerie samples. After another lengthy intro a more brief breakdown follows, becoming a blank canvas for a multitude of sounds. Our dancing bone has been tickled already so we are patient as we cling to every stuttering tone, stammering voice and beatless bar. As if a call in the dark we hear a downward falling sing-song whisper, echoing with less and less force until its no longer needed because the bass has returned. If the first half of the track stirred up a feeling of unease for the categorized mind, the second half should give some rhyme to this reason making it a complete treat.

Impérieux ‘Mehmed’ EP was released on February 8th, 2019 on Sum Over Histories.

Review by Tess Daniella

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