Copenhagen’s “Diamond in the Rough” has recently contributed to Innervisions’ Secret Weapons 12 compilation two weeks ago, released EPs on Sum Over Histories, Azzur, Scatcity and Exit Strategy, and remixed for Moblack, Rebirth and Azzur in 2019.

ART:CAST #52 by Nandu

When firstly introduced to Nandu the talented Copenhagen producer could've simply described as a rough diamond – that was back in late 2014/15. Round about four years later Rasmus, Nandu's real name, sharpened his profile as an artist as well as his productions and has released on renowned and ambitious labels such as Connected, AZZUR,... Continue Reading →

TOP10 of unreleased tracks for July 2018

Here’s the latest top10 – even though it's a top20 this month - of unreleased tracks for July brought to you by Torture the Artist to give you an overview of tunes that are going to be released within the next weeks and months.

INTERVIEW Frankey & Sandrino

Producers, DJs and foremost music enthusiasts, there are a lot of possible terms to describe Berlin based duo Frankey & Sandrino, but in the end it's their music that sums up what Sandrino Tittel and Frank Beckers represent.


Panthera Krause has to be one of the in-demand producers of the moment. With releases and remixes on labels such as Riotvan, Uncanney Valley, Lobster Theremine, Connaisseur or Souvenir the Leipzig based producer and illustrator has a keen eye on the scene's musical development.

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