ART:CAST #26 by Olderic

Hailing from Venice to the world Olderic has implemented a sound of his own over the past decade. With releases on labels such as Connaisseur Recordings, Compost Records or Siamese the passionate producer raised the bar for up and coming music that is penned by himself. Not only does Enrico, how close friends call him, work solo when it comes to productions but appreciates his ‘Stereocalypse‘ project with Andrea Doria. The duo provided a remix for ‘I Don’t Know‘ by Danish trio WhoMadeWho that turned into a worldwide club hit. This year a release on Dixon and Ame run label Innervisions is confirmed and apparently one of the tracks to strike big in summer. Aside from Enrico’s latest achievements when speaking about releasing music and DJing, the Italian is also a driving force in Venice’s nightlife bringing renowned artists to the town built on lagoon, more precisely to CirQ. As diverse as Olderic’s preferences and tasks are when it comes to music, as he is the co-founder of newly found label Multinotes alongside his friends Lehar and Musumeci, it is obvious that they strenghten the artist’s eclectic musical output and have the finger on the pulse of electronical music. With his art:cast for Torture the Artist Olderic takes the audience on a two hour journey through his current approach of dark-twisted, synth-driven and percussive enriched music that depicts the artist’s preference but moreover his ability of connecting various soundscapes to make them flow smoothly together. Olderic’s perception of electronic music bridges the gap between club-oriented sounds and a mental state of being in a state-of-the-art that does not let go of its audience but absorbs it deeper into his world with every minute being played.

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