INTERVIEW Justus Köhncke

Somewhere between Techno & pop, underground and hip culture, Cologne and Saturn, Justus Köhncke has found his unique place and time within the volatile world of electronic music, and through decades, stuck to and defined it.

ART:CAST #26 by Olderic

Hailing from Venice to the world Olderic has implemented a sound of his own over the past decade. With releases on labels such as Connaisseur Recordings, Compost Records or Siamese the passionate producer raised the bar for up and coming music that is penned by himself.

ART:CAST #24 by Fred und Luna

Karlsruhe based musician Fred und Luna, partly known as Sugar Ray Buckmiller, delivers the last art:cast of 2017. Therefore Buckmiller digs deep into his record box to come up with a musical piece of art that consists of own material only.

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