TOP10 of unreleased tracks for January 2018

Here’s the latest top10 of unreleased tracks for January brought to you by Torture the Artist to give you an overview of tunes that are going to be released within the next weeks and months.

  1. Stereocalypse ‘Blue Dome Escargot’ [Innervisions]
  2. Eagles & Butterflies ‘The Last Dance (Mano Le Tough Remix) [Art Imitating Life]
  3. Konstantin Sibold & Kosme ‘Untitled’ [unknown]
  4. Desert Sound Colony ‘Sunrise Of My Mind (Denis Horvat Remix)’ [Fayer]
  5. Sam Farsio, Frederick Stone ‘Twisted Feet (Santiago Garcia Interpretation Mix)’ [Sudam]
  6. Kalyma ‘Yaiza (Nandu Remix)’ [Solide]
  7. Imperieux ‘Agani’ [unknown]
  8. Güero ‘My Way My Rule’ [You And Your Hippie Friends]
  9. Tornado Wallace ‘Today (I:Cube Mix)’ [Running Back]
  10. Santiago Garcia ‘Serenata’ [Exit Strategy]

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