Growing up in a family where Dhanya alias D.Y.A was surrounded by all kinds of different music led to the mindset of appreciating each genre as equally important.

The ART:SIDE DOWN with Jonathan Kaspar

Jonathan Kaspar has only been releasing music for two years, but they’ve already been placed on renowed labels like KX, Objektivity or Pets. And although the Cologne-resident was riding the HipHop train during his teenage years, you won’t be able to hear this influence in his productions.


SOLIDE head MYNY delivers the latest episode for our art:cast series and comes up with a smooth, melodic, percussive and warm mix to drift away into a summer's night.


MYNY, deriving from the word ‘mini’, started his career as a HipHop-DJ and producer in the 90s before turning his back on the genre – at least when it came to DJ’ing and later on to his own productions. Still his musical past has always played a role in his life, as his latest productions come in with a lush baselines, usually a trademark in HipHop music, but MYNY using it to create his own House music sound.

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