Fideles‘ have built quite a reputation for themselves with releases on labels such as Innervisions or Last Night On Earth. Now the Italian duo strikes back with some new music that will be available soon. Torture the Artist had the chance to speak to Daniel and Mario about their music, the influence of their profession on their personalities and what music they have on their speakers when they want to annoy the neighbors. Also check out Fideles‘ current top tracks at the end of the interview.

Torture the Artist: How did you guys meet and how did ‘Fideles‘ come about?

Daniel: We met during a DJ set of mine at a small club here in Taranto and soon became good friends. Shortly after we decided to start making music together and our project was born.

Mario: As Daniel said before, we met at a small club in Taranto. We had mutual friends so our friendship blossomed pretty quick and that’s when we decided to start producing together.

Torture the Artist: In your biography you say that you want to deliver a mature sound. What do you guys mean by this?

Daniel: By saying we want to deliver a mature sound we mean we want to deliver quality. We focus a lot on mixing and mastering as we know it’s really important to pay attention to this. Regarding the artistic side of each track, first of all we like to enjoy the music , to test new sounds and instruments. Sometimes we reached good results doing that.

I’m not into Deep House tracks that have a single monotone chord.

Torture the Artist: What sound or beat in a track are you tired of hearing?

Mario: I’m not into Deep House tracks that have a single monotone chord. To be clearer, take 6 audio loop file, just put into a mono-tone chord, and the deep house track is done! That is all.

Daniel: Oh, that’s a really a hard question. I don’t like tracks produced with ordinary audio loops, done with little effort. Also, all songs where it’s impossible to find some melodies, or anything with a personal and individual touch.

Loving the personal individual touch – not only in their productions.

Torture the Artist: What past musical influences do you want to have a revival in the future?

Daniel: Musical influence I’ve had up until now have come from electronic sounds of the 80’s and trip-pop in the early 90’s. These electronic elements really stand out for me and I hope to hear them more and more in the future.

Mario: Past musical influences for me have been classical, although agree with Daniel that I hope to continue listening electronic music with 80’s influences. If you listen to some of our productions in the past, you will find for sure some typical vintage synth inside.

Torture the Artist: Describe how you typically create a track?

Daniel & Mario: We both have pretty equal input when producing a track. We start off by looking for the right instrument to use in the track, then we write the melody and drums. We don’t like putting too much drum instruments into our tracks so this is always an easy process for us. Once the base of the track is there we start to include some minor pads or lead to support the melody. As soon as we are both happy we go for a drive and put the track on. Something we have always done because it helps us make sure we get the right emotions and feelings from it.

I really like the sound from Rampa and &ME; each track from them is a potential hit.

Torture the Artist: If you could work with any artist in the future, who would it be and why?

Daniel: I’m sure some friends will get hurt now Frankey & Sandrino, of course. They are always able to come up with cool tracks, using different instruments and showing a new side of themselves each time. This is something we’re trying to incorporate, keeping our tunes sounding fresh and our fans guessing.

Mario: I’d like to work with some big artists, but I know it’s just a drea. To be honest I really like the sound from Rampa and &ME; each track from them is a potential hit. This is a goal that’s really hard to reach for a producer… I love their groove and percussion, and maybe a collaboration with those artist could be really interesting – percussions and melodies are good recipes for great music.

Torture the Artist: What‘s the story behind your track ‘The Secret Garden‘?

Daniel: When myself and Mario have free time we like to walk on nearby beaches. It’s really wonderful to see the ocean and all the fantastic flowers. Close to this are many seaside houses with their own fantastic gardens full of flowers. All of this gave us the inspirations for ‘The Secret Garden’. A track that easily shows you the place we live in. Also this track will be available very soon.

Torture the Artist: If you were to compare your music with a toy, what would it be and why?

Daniel: I could compare our music with many toys, but a Tambourine comes to mind. It’s an instruments, but also a toy and each of us have played with it in the childhood. It reminds me of the sounds of southern Italy, the same details we always try to transmit to our music.

Mario: I think a kite. A coloured kite. We always try to take people on a journey full of melodies, colours and good feeling so to see a coloured kite in the sky, it could give you a similar feeling and take you on a journey watching it moving.

Torture the Artist: What are your other interests, beside music?

Daniel: I usually work all day long, spending lots of time in studio with my instruments. If I’m not doing this, then I like to travel and most of all spend fun moments in close contact with nature, which I really love.

Mario: I have two babies so its pretty hard to find free time to spend with a hobby or interest. I’m basically busy with my family and the studio, but once a week I play football with some friends. I’m a Juventus Turin football club fan.

When trying to pay to get into the club the bodyguard told me this was a fake note. He spontaneously walked over to the fuel station and asked the staff to swap the fake note for a real one.

Torture the Artist: Describe a moment in your life that had a profound effect on you, or your outlook on something. It can pertain to any aspect of your life, from any time period.

Daniel: I remember one of my first times in Berlin going to a club with a friend and getting money at a fuel station next to the club. Then when trying to pay to get into the club the bodyguard told me this was a fake note. He spontaneously walked over to the fuel station and asked the staff to swap the fake note for a real one. I said 10 times thanks to the bodyguard and once back to the club the owner apologized and gave us free entry and drinks tokens. The impression left on me was that the bodyguard didn’t jump to conclusions that I had done it on purpose. Always good respect in Berlin between them and the people in the clubs.

Mario: I had the chance to visit Mauritius recently and it was an outstanding experience for me. The landscape, colours in each home and most of all the local people gave me great energy. When I returned to Italy I remember I worked on new music for nearly one month with this great energy and memories.

Rather rockin’ floors than their neighbors”!

Torture the Artist: What‘s on your playlist when you want to annoy your neighbours?

Daniel: My neighbours are used to me listening to music most days. So it’s really hard to choose the best music to annoy them. I’m sure if included lots of techno track in my playlist they wouldn’t be so happy.

Mario: I don’t like Neomelodic songs, like the Neapolitan ones. So I would use these tracks in my playlist to annoy my neighbours. But I live in Taranto and there are lots of people who like Neomelodic songs…

Torture the Artist: What‘s your hidden superpower?

Daniel: I don’t think I have any special superpower, but every daily elements gives me the power to make music, for example a person smiling, an animal sleeping, the smell of the sea. and all the other small things in life. They keep real power inside, we aren’t always able to look to them and I’m sure that if we would do that, we would be more inspired and full of energy.

Mario: My wife and my two children are my real superpower. They give me all the thing I need to go on with my job in music, often my inspiration source. Some days I’m really tired and in the night time I just need to look at my children to get the full energy to make music. I often play them tracks I am working on in the car, if they smile I know those tracks are going good!

Torture the Artist: What would you do with your life if it wasn’t dedicated to music?

Mario: When I was younger I always wanted to get into aviation and fly planes. I really loved it. But I know I’m too old to become a pilot now, so lets make music.

Daniel: Maybe I would have liked to work in the art trade… When I was a younger I often worked with design, especially with wood. I’d spend lots of time creating items, some to use cooking, some to play, some to give them away to my friends. Now I am older I can see this interest I had. I still keep some of my creations in the studio today.

We promised to be always the same persons in spite of this job.

Torture the Artist: How much does your job as a DJ and producer changed you?

Daniel & Mario: This is an important side of this interview, since we spoke some year ago about the chance this work could change us personally. We promised to be always the same persons in spite of this job, and so it was. We always reply to all the email we get, to the many messages on the socials, to each request, and first of all, to always be the people we were on the first day we started working in the electronic scene. That’s the reason we have got lot of good friends and a label manager that trust us and our music. It’s obvious that everyone likes to get fans and people congratulations, but we think that we should never forget we are all equals, and we should try to be kind with the people.

Check out Fideles‘ current top picks of electronic music:

Fideles top10

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