INTERVIEW Reznik & Mikesh

After dishing up nostalgic club vibes with their eclectic art:cast earlier this month, longtime on and off-studio friends Reznik and Good Guy Mikesh are back in the Torture the Artist spotlight.

ART:CAST SPECIAL by Reznik & Mikesh

Having collaborated for their The Moon Landing Was A Hoax EP on Mike Simonetti's 2MR label a couple of months ago, Keinemusik mainstay and Riotvan companions Reznik and Mikesh team up for the next Keinemusik EP, Human Factor.


Copenhagen’s “Diamond in the Rough” has recently contributed to Innervisions’ Secret Weapons 12 compilation two weeks ago, released EPs on Sum Over Histories, Azzur, Scatcity and Exit Strategy, and remixed for Moblack, Rebirth and Azzur in 2019.

INTERVIEW Simple Symmetry

So much has happened to the Lipsky brothers in just a span of two years, and though certain things remained, all the time that had passed is nowhere near simple nor symmetrical.

INTERVIEW Frankey & Sandrino

Producers, DJs and foremost music enthusiasts, there are a lot of possible terms to describe Berlin based duo Frankey & Sandrino, but in the end it's their music that sums up what Sandrino Tittel and Frank Beckers represent.


His name is a mixture of the German words 'Hase' and 'Esel' but Berlin based producer Hazel definitely has more to offer in his music as well as his being than the two not so wild animals.

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