REVIEW Marvin & Guy ‘Superior Conjunction EP’ [Life & Death]

In the dark world of underground electronic music, a world where every second track is minor and filled with angst and sorrow, Marvin & Guy have risen. They are the sunset after the storm, the refuge of happiness amongst the dark; they are the bringers of major keys and dancey rhythms, the producers of fast feeling tracks and uplifting sequenced synthesizer notes. Popping up on bill’s across the country, the Italian duo are a breath of fresh air.

Superior Conjunction, the title track, is a flourish of synth notes layered with airy vocals and snaking bass lines. With multiple, intersection melodic lines branching off in different directions at trajectories, and different speeds, it is the perfect culmination of many musical ideas, resulting in our transportation to another dimension.

The Train of Fantastic can be best described as an electronic ballad – the spoken words maintain the narrative, a characteristic feature of a ballad, and a story is told. The duo’s telltale, unwavering, and successive 32-nd notes becomes the conduit or transporters; very fitting for a track of its name. Every carefully curated element enters at its designated time, and exits in the same fashion. Its futuristic, upbeat feeling is nothing short of fantastic. (Tess)

Marvin & Guy’s ‘Superior Conjunction EP’ will be released on June 16th, 2017 on Life and Death.

Listen to the preview snippets of Marvin & Guy’s EP ‘Superior Conjunction’ here.

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