REVIEW Pastaboys & Osunlade ‘Deep Musique (Rampa Remix) [Rebirth]

The Keinemusik wonder boss is back on remix duty for the emblematic “Deep Musique” which is on Rebirths 10-year compilation.
While the original’s track is more groovy and upbeat, Rampa’s version aims for a darker approach by inducing the listener into a spell from the start, and pitching down the vocals without making Osunlade’s distinct voice lose it’s essence.
The gnarly synths add depth to the track while the percussive live cuts add a human touch along with the lyrics: “Deep is what it’s all about “. Layers of drums build up the track until it reaches its climax thus inflicting serious damage on the dance floor.
It’s safe to say that Rampa has become a key figure in the scene by ruling the dance floors with his signature tribalistic approach. (Rich)
‘Deep Musique’ was released April 10th on Rebirth.

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