As the label-head of Disco Halal and Treisar Moscoman has implemented his trademark sound in the scene and also gives artists a platform to releases their approach of electronic music. In his latest interview for Torture the Artist the Berlin resident tells us something about the most important persons in his life, his hometown Tel-Aviv and compares his music to a food dish.
Torture the Artist: What‘s the story behind your moniker Moscoman?
Moscoman: As all good things, it was a mistake made by a promoter when I just started DJing. He misheard or miswrote my surname as Moscoman and I just went along with it.
Torture the Artist: So far in 2017 you have a monthly release on your label ‘Treisar’. What’s the idea behind it?
Moscoman: Well, I felt I had a lot of music to share and as a DJ searching for music all the time I figured why not be one that provides music for other. I just love to wrap it up in nice packages, so with the help of my label designer Neil Cohen and my manager Alex, we created it.
Torture the Artist: Is your music inspired by the memories you create during your gigs and travels? If not, where else do you find inspiration?
Moscoman: I guess I draw inspiration from every aspect of my life whether it’s traveling or even projects I make myself do. But mostly from sounds I hear in my daily life. Everything has a rhythm.
No matter where Moscoman is Tel Aviv will always be his home.
Torture the Artist: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Tel Aviv?
Moscoman: My family. That’s my home no matter where I am.
Torture the Artist: If you compare Tel Aviv‘s nightlife with Berlin‘s, what are the major differences, and similarities?
Moscoman: Nothing to compare, really. Tel Aviv’s scene is vivid and small, whereas Berlin’s is huge and could be diverse or very boring to amazing, depending on your taste. In Berlin you could land in terrible parties, which in Tel Aviv, given the size of the scene, usually never happens.
Torture the Artist: What artist would you like to remix a track of yours?
Moscoman: So many already have – Roman Flügel , Red Axes , Axel Boman , DJ Tennis, Autarkic, Naduve to name a few.
Torture the Artist: Imagine that making music is a long-term relationship. What was your first date?
Moscoman: I’m guessing while recording my band I had no idea what I was doing but I really enjoyed the production side of it all.
Torture the Artist: If you were to compare your music with a food dish, what would it be and why?
Moscoman: Usually something very simple with good products. I believe generally that the more things you use, the more you cover the tastes and I try to obey by this rule when it comes to my music production. I would go for the simplest of dishes like hummus for example, or pasta pomodori. If you master simplicity the sky is the limit.
Keeping it minimalistic when it comes to music – keeping it real at the club when playing it!
Torture the Artist: What do you want your audience to experience during one of your gigs?
Moscoman: Usually I try to create a journey for myself and most of the times I just really hope they experience it with me. I try to portrait a story with the music I play. Sometimes I succeed, other times, not. Tracks that worked at yesterday’s gig might not work today, so I build a new story every night and it’s an interactive one because the crowd is the main actor.
Torture the Artist: Name three tracks or artists that are in your playlist while you are on tour.
Moscoman: Red Axes, Autarkic, Talaboman.
Torture the Artist: As you’ve played your part in the music business for quite a while, do you feel more like an actual player on some kind of court, like a spectator, or a constant referee?
Moscoman: I guess I’m a bit of all, foremost a player but I often find myself in occasions where I’m looking from the outside in. I have a lot to say about the business, but I keep it to myself. It’s ever changing and it’s a sweet ride.

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