Growing up in a family where Dhanya alias D.Y.A was surrounded by all kinds of different music led to the mindset of appreciating each genre as equally important.

INTERVIEW Simple Symmetry

Sergey and Sasha alias Simple Symmetry have just released their remix for Adam Port's track 'I Never Wear Black' and it was not the first time the Russian brothers draw attention to their releases.


Berlin based producer and DJane Sooma is an allrounder when it comes to music. She composes melodies, writes song lyrics, sings and produces. Her release 'Drained', which is a collaborative work with David Mayer, will be out on Connected Frontline this Friday and is the second track, after 'Bold', the duo produced together.


Ullalet. The riveting self-titled hymn from the debut EP of the newly founded label, Sol Eterno, was released last Friday. The tender track, frequently played by big-time game-players Rampa and Solomun, is soulful, almost romantic, revealing to the electronic music scene, more about itself than the man behind it ever has.

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