EXCLUSIVE The Magic Ray ‘The Tuning of the Road (Simple Symmetry Remix)’ [Dischi Autunno]

Moscow based brothers Sasha and Sergey alias Simple Symmetry have been responsible for some of 2017’s musical special treats. The basement inspired duo took on responsibility to remix Adam Port’s ‘I Never Wear Black’ and even get deeper with releases on Disco Halal, Multi Culti, Correspondant and now Dischi Autunno. Latter is run by French DJane Jennifer Cardini and Noura Labbani and just had its EP, The Tuning of the Road by The Magic Ray, released. Simple Symmetry reworked the original, an Indie-Rock influenced song, and added their slightly discoish inspired vibe making the track both: more suitable for the dance floors and paying tribute to a multilayered approach in sounds.

The Magic Ray’s EP ‘The Tuning of the Road’ was released November 17th, 2017 on Dischi Autunno.

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