EXCLUSIVE Kalyma ‘Tanger Night Drive (Sobek Remix)’ [SOLIDE]

One third of SOLIDE, namely Kalyma, returns with his ‘Tanger Night Drive EP’ to the label. Consisting of two original tracks, ‘Arlequin’ and ‘Tanger Night Drive’, the latter is remixed by Budapest-based producer Marton Sobek. The proven dance floor expert has contributed his forwardly-moving works to labels such as TAU, Connected or Stripped Down Records and enhanced renowned DJs’ sets and now comes in with yet another remix that pushes its listeners to maximum powered dance actions. Starting off with synth-pads only a rhthmically influenced bass line sets in after round about 1:30 minutes as the afore-introduced floating synth-melody is repeated to then make way for hypnotical smooth chords that conclude with a break. Sobek’s remix approach then holds another but more ravey synth, which adds depth and edginess but mostly creates this momentum the track has aimed at from the beginning.

Kalyma‘s ‘Tanger Night Drive EP‘ will be released on SOLIDE on August 30th, 2019.

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