INTERVIEW Simple Symmetry

Sergey and Sasha alias Simple Symmetry have just released their remix for Adam Port's track 'I Never Wear Black' and it was not the first time the Russian brothers draw attention to their releases.


Portuguese DJ and producer Switchdance pleased the electronic music scene earlier this year with his track ‘O Amolador‘ that was part of Innervisions Secret Weapons compilation. Now his remix for Paolo Olarte‘s tune ‘Solo Dejante Llevar‘, is about to be released.


As the label-head of Disco Halal and Treisar Moscoman has implemented his trademark sound in the scene and also gives artists a platform to releases their approach of electronic music.

REVIEW Simple Symmetry ‘Voodoo Your Ex’ [Disco Halal]

Simple Symmetry’s ‘Voodo Your Ex’ has a mesmerizing effect that coaxes a dance from all who listens. The Russian brothers’ most recent track was released on Disco Halal, a German record label that combines Middle Eastern and European sounds, both of which can be readily heard on this production.

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