REVIEW Simple Symmetry ‘Beginner’s Guide to Magic’ [Disco Halal]

Almost a full year since their last EP on home label Disco Halal, the Russian brothers are at it again. Simple Symmetry combine funky, upbeat rhythms, eclectic samples and basey beats into a full bodied, unique vein of electronic music. Sharing this sound with big names such as Dj Tennis, Moscoman and Red Axes, they are a maestro’s of disco and mystical Middle Eastern sounds alike. Their latest EP, ‘Beginner’s Guide to Magic’, was released on June 8th, to much acclaim.

After a devilish intro, one clad with funky percussion and impromptu samples, ‘A Too Much Fun in The Temple of Doom’ begins and it’s a banger. It’s A-side heavy and dance floor ready, a seeming talent of the pair. A teetering percussion tone rings, flitting up and down, back and forth, while a low bass rumbles. Moving forward the track unravels, adding element by element in a seemingly haphazard fashion, which simply adds to the appeal. With an emotion-filled groan of ‘kalima’, the track rises off the ground, and heads begin to roll.

Dervish Euphoria’ has a bit more of a laggy tempo – slower in speed and lighter in bass, or so it seems. But patience is a virtue and we must abide by it. After a minute or so of tantalizingly beatless music, it drops and its glorious. Any sense of chaos or disorder is erased by the comforting confines of a strong beat, and Simple Symmetry bewitches us once again.

Exploding Toads Mystery’ takes up the final B2 side, but its no more ambient or no less club ready than the preceding tracks. It boats a galloping rhythm right out of the gate, embellished with crunchy samples, until a slight fermata of all non-essential musical elements. Then the tracks characteristic throaty ‘toad’ sound emerges, as glorious as it is frightening, and its coupled with a cheeky half electro half Middle Eastern melodic line and forward moving cow bells. The duo has once again successfully mastered the art of perfectly eclectic; not too much and not too little.

Simple Symmetry’s ‘Beginner’s Guide to Magic’ EP was released on June 8th, 2018 on Disco Hahal (Tess).

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