REVIEW Simple Symmetry ‘Voodoo Your Ex’ [Disco Halal]

Simple Symmetry’s ‘Voodo Your Ex’ has a mesmerizing effect that coaxes a dance from all who listens. The Russian brothers’ most recent track was released on Disco Halal, a German record label that combines Middle Eastern and European sounds, both of which can be readily heard on this production.
The duo has played around with elements like rhythm and instrumentation, but they leave the tonal variation relatively unembellished. The track begins with a wobbly bass line that sways between three tones. Then a repeating treble note enters, and although the weight of this note is altered, its pitch is not. The drum patches add to this monotone texture, as does the high register sustained synth note. The same thing holds true when the vocals enter. Growling with vibrations, it evokes an ancient feel. Incessant with words, it also revolves around one main tone, with brief dips above or below it.
Only when the harpsichord mimicking synth line enters do we see a wider range in tone degree, although still not jumping farther than an octave. Its inclusion adds a royal, important feel that enhances the vocals effortlessly. (Tess)
Simple Symmetry’s ‘Voodo Your Ex’ is released on March 30th, 2017 on Disco Halal.

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