EXCLUSIVE Blindsmyth ‘Gryllidae (Dave DK Remix)’ [Connaisseur Recordings]

The original take of Gryllidae by Berlin-based Blindsmyth gets the remix treatment from Pampa mainstay and master of (synth) melodies Dave DK, who again creates pure and flawless nostalgic and melodramatic love vibes with his approach. The artist, who’s appeared as the go-to remixer over the past months with works for Ebrahimi, S├śNIN or The Cheapers, returns with another Dave DK retouched version and adds his distinctive note to Gryllidae. Turning the track to a preceding creaky version filled or enriched with various characteristic yet non-repetitive sounds, Dave DK precisely knows what knobs to push to address several emotional levels and make Gryllidae a totally different experience, a Dave DK experience.

Blindsmyth’s Gryllidae Remixes will be released on Connaisseur Recordings on October 9th, 2020.

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