DJ CHARTS Lehar [Diynamic/ Multinotes]

Lorenzo Esposito, also known as Lehar, has been a mainstay in the electronic music scene over the past years. Releasing imposing works on Connaisseur Recordings, Endless, 2DIY4 and as well as miscellaneous EPs and his album ‘Pictures: Lehar’ on Diynamic last year the Neapolitan dedicates himself to new tasks and projects in 2018. Alongside his long-time friends Olderic and Musumeci the trio founded the label Multinotes emphasizing on the development and evolution of the scene and pushing their musical philosophy to new boundaries. Aside from working on the latter and new music Lorenzo continues his ‘All Through The Night’-tour that will see the restless DJ play in cites like Los Angeles, Madrid, Munich, Tirana and Vancouver. In order to get his audience into the right mood for the events Lehar provides Torture the Artist with his current top10.

  1. Enzo Elia feat. IMGL ‘Feudal’ [Multinotes]
  2. ODD 1 ‘Rumors’ [Engrave Ltd]
  3. Lehar ‘Shardana’ [Multinotes]
  4. Stereocalypse ‘Blue Dome Escargot’ [Innervisions]
  5. Phunkadelika ‘Microcosmo (Underspreche Remix)’ [unknown]
  6. Underspreche ‘Real’ [R&S]
  7. Musumeci & Enzo Elia ‘Gothic Safari] [Kompakt]
  8. Toto Chiavetta ‘Hunters (Lehar Private Remix)’ [unknown]
  9. Frankey & Sandrino ‘The Great Attractor’ [Mule Musiq]
  10. Amonite ‘Undine’ [Shanti Radio Moscow]

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