EXCLUSIVE Fabio Vanore ‘The Prince (Bawrut Remix)’ [Connaisseur Recordings]

Dedicated to his son ‘The Prince’ is featured on Fabio Vanore‘s debut EP, ‘The Theory Of Light’, on Connaisseur Recordings. While the original tracks were shortly released, two remixes by in-demand producers Cooper Saver and Bawrut for ‘The Prince’ will be out in September. Madrid-based musical mastermind and tastemaker Bawrut created a flamboyant dance floor take, whose synth-array is hard to resist as the highly pitched chords address multiple brain areas and bore themselves into the listener’s mind without raising intrusiveness but an urge to move several body parts to the sound construct.

Fabio Vanore’s ‘The Prince Remixes‘ will be released on Connaisseur Recordings on September 6th, 2019.

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