EXCLUSIVE Joy Wellboy – Dreams Stay Dreams (Marcus Worgull Remix) [Fayer]

Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens are musical long term duo Joy Wellboy who have released their mixture of electronica with a slight pop note on labels like Bpitch or 3000 Grad Records and now Fayer. The Berlin/ Brussel artists’ EP on the Spanish imprint includes three originals, namely Dreams Stay Dreams, Drop Me in a River and Busy Blue, while the first two takes are remixed by Patrice Baumel, Fayer label honcho Edu Imbernon and Marcus Worgull. The latter reworks Dreams Stay Dreams by turning it into House/Reggae hybrid. A surprising unsurprising move by the Cologne native, who’s always had a preference for the genre and the dubby vibes. So Marcus’ approach combines typical dubbish and deep chords evoking an interplay of several emotional states, which are reinforced by the implemention of Joy Wellboy’s edited original vocals. However, by adding even more melodic bits of tapped keys in the second part of his remix, Worgull let’s the track unfold its atmospheric note further and creates a continuos momentum.

Joy Wellboy’s EP Dreams Stay Dreams will be released on Fayer on June 5th, 2020.

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